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Artistic representation

Our commitment to Mexican artists goes beyond making them known in the United States, we work with them hand in hand to expand cooperation and international exchange. At the same time, we promote the presence in Mexico of artists from Latin America and Spain. The essential purpose of these services we offer is that artists can dedicate themselves to creativity, while we take care of the hiring-negotiation of their proposals to promote them outside their country of origin.



Advice and processing for work visas in the US and Mexico

We are aware that each nation has its own system and institutions, and aware of the complexities that many artists go through to get their work in person to different countries, the advice and processing of work visas in the US and in Mexico are an integral part of our services.


For Artistic Contents, the opening of borders must be technically and logistically guaranteed in the creators' production team. We understand the importance of presenting yourself to audiences with all your potential and respecting the elements that make up your creations, so the care of your artistic work is our priority.



Fundraising campaigns

At Contenidos Artísticos we also work in the procurement of funds for the arts. Today's economic models require collaborative work, where the donation and collection of resources must be seen as an opportunity for the benefit and development of all parties.


We believe in sustainable work that strengthens the promotion of the arts. We emphasize that financial collaboration is through a positive, permanent and growing bond, based on social responsibility, aesthetic and, of course, artistic values of the creators and their audiences.



Production: festivals, concerts, plays and dance

At Contenidos Artísticos we produce and manage experiences, for which we work with a team of professionals committed to creating stage shows; works whose contents are based on inclusion and respect, and are characterized by their high quality.


With years of experience in the performing arts, we create cultural products through a carefully selected process of artistic, technical and financial resources, and in an organized and pertinent way we bring our productions to different audiences as an engine of change.


Each production is for us a communicative process that materializes on stage. In the concerts, theater and dance works that we carry out, we seek to create unique works that move and engage the audience.



Conceptualization of festivals and performing arts projects. Cultural programming

Art festivals and projects strengthen the social fabric and sense of community. In addition, they are spaces for expression and recognition of identities. For Contenidos Artísticos, the creation of a festival or an artistic project is born from the conceptualization; We develop, construct and organize ideas that allow us to elaborate messages, narratives and stories to connect with each other.


In our programming we address the themes according to the needs of the community, and we make a selection of artists of excellence, whose narratives help build human beings more sensitive and empathetic to others.




Communication and marketing for artistic and cultural projects

Our communication and marketing services are based on taking care of the messages we issue, always seeking those that help us build dialogues and invite us to participate. At Contenidos Artísticos we identify the different recipients and we look for a language that is their own.


We focus on the dissemination of artistic and cultural projects to generate a presence in the media and in this way develop and position soloists, companies, institutions and organizations, who are interested in our media strategies, with the aim of generating greater projection and empathy with the audience.


In our work it is essential to know the environment where we are located, the organization with which we work and the participants with whom we collaborate, and to identify the role that the arts and culture have in their lives to strengthen the sense of communication.



Consulting for production and programming in performing arts

Our experience in the management of scenic spaces is a key piece in the specialized production and programming service of the performing arts that we offer. At Contenidos Artísticos we advise organizations, institutions and private companies in the development of their artistic programs and scenic projects from a strategic approach, according to their needs, and from the best use of their resources and we propose solutions according to the different conditions and contexts


The intention is to create new projects that meet the demands and concerns of both the institutions and the agents that collaborate with them and their audiences


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