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Communication and marketing for artistic and cultural projects

Our communication and marketing services are based on the care of the messages we issue, always seeking those that help us build dialogues and invite us to participate. Read more

Consulting for production and programming in performing arts

Artistic representation

Our commitment to Mexican artists goes beyond making them known in the United States, we work with them hand in hand to expand cooperation and international exchange.

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Advice and processing for work visas in the US and Mexico

We are aware that each nation has its own system and institutions, and we are aware of the complexities that many artists go through to bring their work in person to different countries ... Read more

Fundraising campaigns

At Contenidos Artísticos we also work in the procurement of funds for the arts. Read more

Production: festivals, concerts, plays and dance

Our experience in the management of scenic spaces is a key piece in the specialized production and programming service of the performing arts that we offer. Read more

Conceptualization of festivals and performing arts projects. Cultural programming

At Contenidos Artísticos we produce and manage experiences, for which we work
with a team of professionals committed to creating stage shows; works whose
contents are based on inclusion and respect, and are characterized by their high

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Art festivals and projects strengthen the social fabric and sense of community.

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Contenidos Artísticos carries out constant research, design, production,
management, direction, programming and dissemination of projects with an
emphasis on the performing arts (dance, theater, music and living arts).

We start from an inclusive approach. Interculturality and the gender perspective run across our management work and
seek to break stereotypes.


"I work for the public, I am passionate about finding that complicity between the parties, you cannot see it, but you can feel it"


Director of Contenidos Artísticos Production and Diffusion, is a cultural manager, programmer and producer. One of her main purposes is to promote the circulation of the Performing Arts.

Mexican, from the city of León, she graduated from the Communication Sciences career and continued her training as a cultural manager with studies from the National Council for Culture and the Arts and in 17, the Institute of Critical Studies, where she obtained the Cultural Management Certificate from the Critical Entrepreneurship.





Based on its experience, Artistic Contents contributes to professionalize the cultural sector by providing free advice to BIPOC women, as black, indigenous and people of color are called by their acronym in English, related to the performing arts and / or cultural management through specific projects. Among its objectives is to put them in contact with colleagues and specialists who enable their development. Through this mentoring program, Artistic Content assumes its social responsibility by working with the community.


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